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Health Insurance Bad Faith – When Worse Comes to Worst

Have you ever been disappointed by a person you considered your best friend or a person you had complete faith in? Do you know the feeling of being let down by someone you had an agreement with? Today I will be talking about something really similar in theory, but in reality, even worse.

When someone pays for a service, he expects that service to be provided accordingly not only to industry standards but also to exactly what is specified in the contractual agreement between the two sides. Health insurance companies have been known to not hold their part of the deal, leaving policyholders with only a fraction of what the claim is worth or even worse, completely refusing to offer him insurance coverage. When an insurance company participates in bad faith practices, it basically tries to defraud a policy holder by illegally not offering him what is rightfully his.

Bad Faith Practices

There are numerous examples of bad faith practices. These include the following:

  • Confusing and defrauding policyholders by using incorrect legal terms and definitions;
  • Offering lower payments than the claim is worth;
  • Threatening the policyholder;
  • Failing to explain the limitations of a policy;
  • Intentionally delaying the processing of a claim;
  • Unreasonably interpreting the policy;
  • Misrepresenting the facts of a claim.

Seek Legal Assistance 

When you have the slightest feeling that your insurance company may have acted in bad faith regarding one of your claims, you should seek legal assistance from and a lawyer that is experienced in insurance bad faith legislation and practices in your state. It is essential to hire a legal defender that has years of experience in dealing with bad faith lawsuits and is familiar with the laws from your state because legislation on bad faith insurance practices differs from state to state. There is also a time limit in which the claim is legally viable. Having an experienced bad faith attorney on your side in such situations is always a good idea because he can gather essential evidence as well as secure expert witness testimony to strengthen the case of the policyholder. Another thing you can do is report the insurance company to the states insurance commissioner which you can find by visiting the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website.

Insurance companies have their own lawyers that dedicate their full time to keeping their losses to a minimum. You will need an aggressive representation that will highlight any inconsistencies or weaknesses in their arguments. Compensation is very important because it will not only restore the amount of the original claim, but also offer financial benefits for the damages caused by the denial and any pain or suffering involved.

You didn’t pay the insurance company so they can turn their back when you needed them. Hire a skillful attorney with a proven record in bad faith cases and make them think twice before even considering defrauding another policyholder.

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