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A Bit of Unawareness Can Lead to a Dog Bite

dog attack

We all know how hard it is to build something in life. Whether we’re talking about a simple construction, a business or a family, it takes time and serious financial efforts to raise something from the ground up. Some development processes take longer than others and demand our full attention constantly. Having a family is one of those processes and represent, for most of us, the essence of life, the thing that all our dreams are tied to. Family development requires constant intervention so it doesn’t go off track.

Protect your Work and your Loved Ones


Destroying or even damaging something you built with years of effort can be quite a traumatic experience, whether it’s your fault or not. Having a child suffer from a dog bite is just one of those situations. All your hard work with child development can go to waste if a dangerous and aggressive dog is near your child. It is always better to prevent than combat so it is mandatory, if not imperative, to teach your children important safety rules when approaching a dog, especially one from a dangerous breed.

The Bigger the Dog, The Bigger the Problem

big dog

Over the last few years, there has been an increased number of people getting dangerous dogs as pets. While most owners get larger breed dogs just to protect their property, not all owners take safety measures when taking their pet out where there are other people and most importantly, children. You can find lots of information regarding dog attacks including dog bite statistics, safety measures, dangerous breeds and much more on DogsBite.org.

Things to Consider


If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, you need to consider a number of things immediately after the injury was produced. It is very important to take photos of your injuries and get the dog that attacked you evaluated before its owner gets rid of him, either by giving him away or getting him euthanized. Photos are important because they show the size and weight of the dog, while the evaluation consists of a series of tests that show the dog’s behavior characteristics which will prove very important for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Gathering information from the dog owner’s neighbors, as well as checking animal control can also prove valuable in the outcome of the case because you will know if the dog is known for an aggressive behavior and if it was involved in other attacks. Such cases are more complex than they may seem at a first glance and should be looked into by a professional.

Seek Legal Assistance


Hiring an attorney as soon as possible after the dog attack is probably the best decision you can make under these circumstances. A legal professional can help you with all the previously mentioned actions and investigation and can make sure you don’t miss opportunities to build a solid testimony by making sure all the important information about the dog and its owner is available at the time of trial. A dog bite can cause serious damage that may require years of plastic surgeries and long term medical treatment, making compensation even more important. For the best results possible, you need to have your case evaluated by an experienced and determined lawyer specialized in dog bites. Don’t waste time and get the justice you deserve by consulting a legal professional from Pensacola’s most established law firms, Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon. Visiting their website will allow victims of dog bites to get a free consultation.

In live it is important not only to build things, but also protect them, whether from others or ourselves. If we are not careful, all our work can go to waste, making our role even more difficult. Fortunately, there are professionals that can solve these problems and make our life a lot easier. Always seek justice when someone you love suffered harm form someone else’s negligence or careless actions.


Antidepressants – The Menace that Comes in a Box

I was never a believer of these miracle pills that take away health problems. Not only that they won’t probably help you with your problems, but most likely create others. I recently met an old friend that is pregnant and we shared our life story from the time we did not communicate. At one point, the inevitable produced and we started talking about how her life changed when she became a mother. It is more than likely that men don’t fully understand what a woman goes through during pregnancy and often neglects her needs and desires considering them useless or unworthy of his attention. She told me how stressful the pregnancy was for her and how difficult was to overcome depression.

Don’t Let Depression Rule and Ruin Your Life

Depression can have negative effects on child development, but taking antidepressants like Prozac for example won’t make things much better, studies showing that they significantly increase the risks of birth defects if the mother takes them during the third trimester of pregnancy. My friend also told me how grateful she is for having an understanding husband and a very close relationship with her family and how they helped her to get passed this important event in her life without turning to the so called wonder pills. Postpartum depression can affect both women and men, but with the right amount of family support things can only get better. This made me thinking about what would determine people to take antidepressants if in most cases the negative effects excel the positive ones.

Deal with your Problems Before They Escalate

We all know how hard our daily activities can get and how much stress is involved in completing them, but how can a pill help us deal with problems that most of us face on a regular basis? Depression is, no doubt, a real villain that messes our life in such a way that you don’t want to do anything and don’t want to talk to anyone ashamed of what you have become. Whether the cause of your depression is related to your work place, bad grades at school, relationship problems, money issues, the solution lays in you and not in some pills.

Having a healthy, productive life is all about balance. Most people don’t understand this and go over the top with some aspects of their life. Most are after fortune and dedicate their entire life to gathering large sums of money but, in the process, they lose focus on what is really important, their health and being close to their families. There is no doubt that money is very important in our time and age, but this does not mean you need large sums of money to have a good life experience.

Set Your Goals Properly and Don’t Let Depression Kick In

Each of us have goals in life, some higher than others, some earlier than others. Having goals is always good because this motivates us to work harder and do other things that our goals depend on. Setting unrealistic goals can lead to depression quite quickly and, with it, cause all sorts of problems. It is very important to have someone close to you when depression strikes, because good advice is more likely to help you than some drug.

Food and Drug Administration Warnings Regarding Prozac

Some antidepressants are so dangerous that they have a black box warning on their label, which means they are one step away from a recall due to the increased risks of developing suicidal thoughts and actions among children taking the antidepressant. In July 2006, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning that mothers that took Prozac in their third trimester will face a six times greater risk of having a baby with persistent pulmonary hypertension. For more detailed information, visit the website of the FDA. More and more victims of antidepressants file lawsuits every year in the US and the general awareness of these drugs’ side effects is slowly growing. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of Prozac or other antidepressant, you need legal advice from an experienced and well respected lawyer that specializes in drug litigation cases and practices in your state.

Compensation Possible

Patients in this situation can get compensated to cover all the harm produced by the drug and offers then a chance of getting their life back after the unfortunate event. From my experience, I can tell you that good quality legal representation is crucial when going in the courtroom against pharmaceutical companies. You have much researching to do before choosing the right lawyer for your needs. A good place to start the process is by looking on the Internet for quality legal defenders. For this initial step I always recommend Online Lawyer Source, a legal portal for both legal research and experienced lawyers. You can access their website at http://www.onlinelawyersource.com/.

Health Insurance Bad Faith – When Worse Comes to Worst

Have you ever been disappointed by a person you considered your best friend or a person you had complete faith in? Do you know the feeling of being let down by someone you had an agreement with? Today I will be talking about something really similar in theory, but in reality, even worse.

When someone pays for a service, he expects that service to be provided accordingly not only to industry standards but also to exactly what is specified in the contractual agreement between the two sides. Health insurance companies have been known to not hold their part of the deal, leaving policyholders with only a fraction of what the claim is worth or even worse, completely refusing to offer him insurance coverage. When an insurance company participates in bad faith practices, it basically tries to defraud a policy holder by illegally not offering him what is rightfully his.

Bad Faith Practices

There are numerous examples of bad faith practices. These include the following:

  • Confusing and defrauding policyholders by using incorrect legal terms and definitions;
  • Offering lower payments than the claim is worth;
  • Threatening the policyholder;
  • Failing to explain the limitations of a policy;
  • Intentionally delaying the processing of a claim;
  • Unreasonably interpreting the policy;
  • Misrepresenting the facts of a claim.

Seek Legal Assistance 

When you have the slightest feeling that your insurance company may have acted in bad faith regarding one of your claims, you should seek legal assistance from and a lawyer that is experienced in insurance bad faith legislation and practices in your state. It is essential to hire a legal defender that has years of experience in dealing with bad faith lawsuits and is familiar with the laws from your state because legislation on bad faith insurance practices differs from state to state. There is also a time limit in which the claim is legally viable. Having an experienced bad faith attorney on your side in such situations is always a good idea because he can gather essential evidence as well as secure expert witness testimony to strengthen the case of the policyholder. Another thing you can do is report the insurance company to the states insurance commissioner which you can find by visiting the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website.

Insurance companies have their own lawyers that dedicate their full time to keeping their losses to a minimum. You will need an aggressive representation that will highlight any inconsistencies or weaknesses in their arguments. Compensation is very important because it will not only restore the amount of the original claim, but also offer financial benefits for the damages caused by the denial and any pain or suffering involved.

You didn’t pay the insurance company so they can turn their back when you needed them. Hire a skillful attorney with a proven record in bad faith cases and make them think twice before even considering defrauding another policyholder.

For additional information on these matters, please visit Online Lawyer Source.