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Be Thankful for the Options Available Today

With Thanksgiving hours away, let’s try to relax and think of things we are thankful for and things we should be thankful for. Life is becoming more and more like a movie on fast forward meaning we are often forced to jump to certain activities and skip experiences that not only bring freshness in our lives but also release stress. Whether we like it or not, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are, for most of us, the only opportunities we have to spend some quality time not only with our families but also with our friends and known ones. Sharing our experiences, beliefs and wishes has always been one of man’s best ways to lose some tension accumulated over the last weeks or months either at work, school or any other demanding activity.

Material Stuff

While material stuff can and will probably make us happy for a short period, in time these things become more and more insignificant. Do you remember the times when you were a kid and you waited for Christmas day all year to get that special toy you wanted so bad? Do you still get the same feeling when you receive something you want now as an adult? I don’t think so. Not only are times changing but so are we. The more we grow, the more we realize that life is not about fortune, properties, cars, boats or any of this stuff. I strongly believe that life is all about experiencing things and not buying them.


While some might argue that without money you can’t experience life at its fullest, others tend to believe the opposite. If we look at the Forbes chart for the wealthiest people on the planet and we believe there is an equal sign between fortune and happiness we have to conclude that a very small percentage of the world’s population is really happy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, things are really the other way around. The more money you have, the more problems you will likely have because making money often means taking risks and these risks may turn around and cause problems. There is an insane amount of people that work for minimum wage and have more joy in their lives than people that make millions every year but are always working, giving orders, stressed and overall busy.

What should we really be Thankful For?

First of all, we must be thankful we live in a free and peaceful world and have the option to develop as a person and as a professional as we wish. Secondly, we must be more than thankful for the options available today in every possible way. In the last 20 years, everything around us exploded. Newly formed industries have developed tremendously, while old industries evolved even further, becoming more branched and offering fast and quality materials production. Everything around us is full of options. From the food we eat, clothes we wear to the electronics we buy and services we pay for, options are always available. You just need to look for what you want, because most of the time you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Ads! Investigate, You have Multiple Options

We all want what’s best for us, right? Well, most of the time you have to research if you want the absolute best service or product for your hard earned money. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to research certain products or services. There are numerous forums, websites, blogs full of discussions regarding products and services. There are also institutions that dedicate their full time giving advice to customers. For example, the Food and Drug Administration offers on their website valuable information regarding a very wide range of products. As I already mentioned in the previous blog post, there are legal portals like Online Lawyer Source for all the legal information you need, organized and written exactly how you want it to be. Always search for the things you want, don’t just take what’s given to you. More often than not, the most successful companies and products are those that have aggressive marketing campaigns. Are these really the best things for us? A correct answer would be: not all the time. There are many services and products that may not be well known to vast audiences but really pack a punch once you discover them.

Be Thankful and Enjoy your Time

I wish a “Happy Thanksgiving!” to all of you and may all your worries and problems become obsolete during this day so you can enjoy some quality time with your family, friends and known ones.