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Time travel, Teleportation, Google and Legal Information

Can you imagine a world where time travel was possible? A world where people live in parallel dimensions? While now it may seem like pure science fiction material, in the future it might be available even to the masses despite what the laws of physics may indicate. A time machine will allow us to move between different points in time, either backwards in time or forward into the future, without the need for the traveler to experience the time between points. Basically, a time machine will allow its user to handle time as he pleases and when he pleases. If you want a more in-depth view on time travel you can read an interesting article on How Stuff Works. I also recommend checking Wikipedia’s Time Travel Page if you want to know the roots of the concept as well as other interesting facts about time travel.


Much like time travel, the human race has been captivated by the idea of transferring matter from one point to another without transversing the physical space between them. Teleportation, like time travel, may seem like something we see in Sci-Fi movies, but would help humanity greatly if developed properly. It will not only help with pollution, road/air/water accidents, saving time, but will also mean people get more time to do what they want or they what they truly need. Traveling throughout the world would be extremely easy, working abroad would be hassle free and lots and lots of activities will become real joys due to the lack of time consuming travelling. While time traveling may present some boundaries and paradoxes, teleportation seems like a “cleaner” concept to put in practice because space is easier to maneuver than time.


While the first two concepts are mind boggling, let’s not get our hopes too high because our generation might not even see these ideas put into practice and reach mainstream levels. We all know information is very important in a constant evolving environment. We keep hearing about “information means power” and while it may not give you power in the sense of strength, it surely gives you options to best fit your needs and interests. Information is the key to success in every domain nowadays. From athletes to mathematicians and from lumberjacks to neurosurgeons, information is the one that forms a professional and makes the difference between a sloppy job and a flawless one. Getting in touch with the information we need has changed greatly over the last years. We all remember how our parents rushed to libraries when school began to get us the best books available on the market to help us understand better what was expected of us. In our days, information is literally on our fingertips. Whether we’re talking about phones, tablets, notebooks or PCs, information can be easily access from the comfort of our own home. Google, the information giant, is the one most of us turn when we need something done but we do not know how to do it. While Google is a portal as well as a time machine to your information, it may well not direct you all the time where you want to go. Google results can be affected by various things. What interests others, may not interest me. It’s basically the same principle as television versus the Internet. On TV you most likely watch what the masses want to watch and on the Internet you search for exactly what you want and when you want it. What I am saying is while Google is a very powerful searching tool it may not be well suited for some niches.

Legal Information and Legal Representation

Say for instance you got a legal issue and you want to find information quickly and without much effort. Google can help you, but it may not be the fastest and simple method to use. Dedicated niche portals may be the solution for you because these integrate a lot more domain orientated information into one package. You can search for multiple legal issues solution in one website, saving you time and probably lots of headaches. I often get asked by my friends and acquaintances about legal portals where they can find legal information that’s not only reliable but also easy to read even by someone that does not have any legal qualification. From my Internet travels, I must say that one of the best legal portals around is Online Lawyer Source because it not only offers you valuable information on many legal issues, but also directs you to a specialized lawyer with years of experience practicing in your state. Things cannot get better than this. It is quite remarkable how you are able to do so much under one website. The ease of use, as well as the positive feedback from their user base, definitely earns my recommendation. If you still are not convinced, check out their website and see for yourself.

Back in Time

Let’s turn back time and see how this blog post evolved. We first talked about time travel, then slowly moved to teleportation and then a little about Google. What do all these things have in common? Simple, they all have easy accessibility meaning their users have easy access to time, space and information maneuverability. While the first two concepts are still Sci-Fi plots material, the information accessibility is real and in reach of all of us. We all wish our lives will consist only of pleasant experiences and those time consuming and boring activities will be a thing of the past. Having dedicated niche or domain portals can save you valuable time and can put you on the right direction in the quest of solving your problems. Information must be properly categorized in order to reach to right audience and people must learn how to reach these informational hot spots.