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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Every Other Day

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We all know that after the wonderful Thanksgiving there are these two days that drive many crazy and force them into an absolute shopping spree. We’re talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two days with massive sales and massive headaches. Some prepare for these shopping holidays the entire year only to be disappointed due the very high expectations. These days are the busiest days in the shopping calendar and probably one of the busiest days for the authorities as well. Great deals tend to attract large crowds and some might become aggressive if things don’t go as they wish.

Are These Deals Really What you Want?

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According to IT Pro Portal US shoppers spent around 2 billion dollars only on Cyber Monday meaning a 17 percent sales increase compared to last year. It would be really nice to see what much of the stuff bought is truly used and doesn’t represent only instinct shopping. This type of shopping occurs when the product doesn’t really interest the buyer but the offer is just too good to refuse. Some instinct buyers may have a purpose for their actions like giving away stuff during Christmas to their loved ones, but others simply end up with good priced products that they will not going to use at all.

Good Price versus Quality


Let’s try to imagine a certain scenario where a buyer is put in the situation of choosing to pay way less for a particular brand of a product he really needs or get a much better brand with higher reliability but pay more because this particular product doesn’t have its priced reduced so much. I can safely say that most of buyers will get the lower end brand just to save a couple of dollars. This mentality will not only cause lots of headaches if the product breaks, but will also end up costing more just to repair or replace. Sure there is warranty, but sometimes getting your product fixed or replaced can take time, depending on the product’s nature and most end up buying a different brand in the mean time and selling the previous product when they receive it from warranty.

Why do we instinct buy?

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It’s very common for people to want more for less, but if you buy something just because there is a good deal somewhere but you don’t really plan on using it, you’re not saving money, you’re spending thoughtlessly. With the economy being so bad right now, it is normal for people to want to save a couple of dollars, but you won’t achieve that if you buy things you are not going to use. Companies understand this really well and they treat us with very good deals so we will fight like crazy men to take advantage of these deals. The temptation is high, no doubt, especially if we think about how much complex our lives are now compared to the past. A couple of decades ago, you couldn’t buy so much stuff. Evolution has its advantages and disadvantages and if we can’t control our desires will lose more in the end. Some people even consider instinct shopping as bad as gambling.

Don’t Try to Save Money When You Demand Quality and Performance

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When you need a particular product or service for productivity or any other well thought reason, it is always better to not try and save a few dollars because this may turn against you. If have a home office and you spend pretty much all your time in front of your computer, you not only need quality and reliable PC equipment, but also a very comfy chair that doesn’t affect the way our body is constructed. A good chair will not only avoid back and neck pain but will also allow you to focus more on your work. It goes without saying that if you want performance, you need to invest more. Same goes for services. Say for example you suffered a personal injury at work and you are trying to seek financial compensation. This situation demands legal assistance from personal injury attorney with years of experience and a proven record. Don’t just settle for the first lawyer you can find in your state, research so you know exactly what are you options. Let’s assume you are looking for a lawyer in North Carolina. You can see all the law firms from this state here ¬†or you can search the internet for well established law firms in your region. I highly recommend checking out the Kelly & West Law Firm. They offer quality legal representation and legal consultation covering a wide range of legal issues. I suggest you check out their website.

Share your Experiences

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Did you managed to save a lot during these deal days? Did you bought stuff that you really need or did impulse buying get the better of you? Are you looking forward to next year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Share your thoughts in the comments section.